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REVIEW: Pirates and Pals Firework Voyage

REVIEW: Pirates and Pals Firework Voyage

I recently took the Pirates and Pals Firework Voyage which is consider a special experience. The cruise costs $53.99 per person and there are NO discounts.

Your voyage begins on the second floor of the Contemporary resort. Some friendly cast members will greet you and tell you about the night and give you a seat assignment and a pirate bandana to wear which is yours to keep.

When it 8:34 PM you are then allowed in the meet & greet area. There is some pirate music playing and some free snacks and drinks. For snack your have some healthy choices like apples and oranges as well as popcorn, pretzels, brownies, granola bars, and chocolate coins. I am sure these vary. There was coffee, tea and water and soda.

Soon after that Hook and Smee come out for autographs and photos. This is a great opportunity to meet with them and get some great photos and fun time.

Then some kids are selected to lead you to your boat. There are 2 boats 1 for Hook and 1 for Smee which is indicated on your seat assignment card you were given when you checked in.

These are spacial boats and are not like any boat you take to the park or shuttle you around the waters of WDW. These have a high canopy, for seeing the fireworks better and many speakers to pipe in the music and give patch a way to speak with everyone.

If you are lucky you will even get up close and person to the Electrical Water pageant which has been running on the Seven Seas lagoon and Bay Lake since 1971.

Finally you will make your way over to Seven Seas lagoon where you will see Wishes. The boats try their best to stay in front of the castle but they do drift since they don't throw and anchor. If possible request a seat on the port (left side of the boat), you will be able to see the fireworks without other people possible getting in your way.

Spoiler ALERT: Once you return to the dock you have a special surprise (well its not special now since I told you), Peter Pan is there to greet you and then you can get his autograph and take pictures with him as well.

Overall it was a fun and good experience. The kids really love it and if your kids are pirates fans, then this needs to move up to the #1 thing to do on your next trip. It is certainly a different way to see Wishes.

Here is the video of Wishes from our boat

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