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VIDEO: Storybook Circus GiggleGang

blogEntryThumbnailVIDEO: Storybook Circus GiggleGang



Let this troupe of over-the-top entertainers tickle your funny bone with their high-spirited vaudevillian antics.

You never know what ringleader Chuckles Buffoon McMonkeyshine III and his protégés, Winifred "Whinny" Horselaugh and Snort, will pull out of their bag of tricks, but you do know that you're in for a gut-busting good time.

Gather 'round and hold onto your squeaky horn as Chuckles and his kooky cohorts deliver wacky circus shenanigans, stooge-style slapstick and more laughs than you can fit clowns in a clown car. Star performer Wowzer may just make you utter his name in amazement as you watch him enthrall the audience with his dazzling feats of derring-do. All of the outrageousness is accompanied by the big top-style tunes and screwball sound effects of the Silly Saxtet. Honk!

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