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Vacationing at Walt Disney - 10 Tips to Avoid Disaster


There is something magical about Walt Disney; it is bound to mesmerize every visitor. It has all kinds of offerings which the whole family kids, grown-ups even couples going alone can enjoy. However, since Walt Disney is such a popular holiday destinations it is almost always crowded. There are a number of things which you should consider and plan ahead about to make sure your Disney experience is an absolutely memorable one. Here are our ten tips to make sure there are no screw-ups on your Disney vacation.

1. Allocate A Budget
Yes, when planning your trip create a budget and stick to it. The best way to do it is carry cash instead of your credit card. The Disney experience is just so mesmerizing that you would not even realize how many times you swipe your card or scan your magic band. There are souvenirs, merchandise, activities and what not to attract your. The magic band is linked to your card and no way do you want to leave the magical world and face a very real and lengthy credit card bill. It is best to divide your budget wisely on a daily basis. When you are carrying cash you would know exactly how much you have spent each day, and once you are out of cash, naturally you would stop.

2. Purchase Your Tickets in Advance
Purchasing your tickets in advance saves a lot of time and sometimes you can even get nice deals on these tickets. Another thing which Disney visitors are now taking advantage of is “fastpass”! If you aren’t familiar with fastpass it is simply booking your rides in advance and these things are being bought left and right. With modern travelers it is quite likely if you don’t avail this facility and try purchasing your tickets at the window your desired ride might be already sold out. Another bonus here is that if you would have already paid for your rides, you know in advance how much of your total budget you have spent and what is left. This is another way to avoid overspending!

3. Experiencing Disney Dinning
Disney dinning is a huge part of the whole Disney vacation experience. Did you know Disney offers its guests to reserve their favorite restaurant for up to 180 days in advance? This is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Whether you are in the main park or want to dine at a restaurant at one of the resorts, you should look up your options. Although there are a number of quick service meals available but you would not want a chance to dine at one of the themed restaurants at Disney to add to your memories.

4. Choosing the Right Resort
Choosing the right resort at Disney can actually be a bit mind boggling with so much to choose from and requires a bit of research. However, as there is a plethora of resorts spread all over the property everyone can find something to suit their mood and budget. There are moderate resorts offering value for money, which are ideal if you are travelling with kids or the deluxe resorts with their own salons and spas ideal for vacationing at Disney with your significant other. Each resort offers unique recreation activities, themes, atmosphere and easy access to different parks and off course varying dining options.

5. Download the Disney Experience App
This is hands down a complete must-have. Now ‘Disney World’ has it is very own app called “My Disney Experience App”. By downloading this app on your smart device you can keep track of different show times, get your “fastpasses”, know the wait time for different rides; in fact, plan your whole itinerary using this app. By linking your theme park tickets to this app, you can even make reservations for your favorite restaurant and if any of your friends are travelling at the same time and have this app you can keep track of each other making it easier to make joint plans while you are at Disney. It is a great way to stay in the loop and always know of the nearby happenings.

6. Create your Itinerary
We cannot emphasize enough of this part of planning. We have told you before that Disney is thronged with visitors practically all year around. Gone are the days where you could live by spontaneity. Now it is much easier to plan your whole trip for a smooth experience. By using the aforementioned app and getting your fastpasses along with tickets you can and should plan your itinerary on this trip well in advance.

7. Do Your Research
Disney has so much to offer that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. If you haven’t done your research well you could be a bit lost when you actually reach the Magic Kingdom. For instance if you want to dine out at a particular restaurant and you have made your reservations well in advance, you should look at their menu as well. You wouldn’t want to find out that their kid menu has nothing to cater to your young ones. A very interesting thing that few might be aware of is that Walt Disney Park website offer its general rules, one of which involves your attire.
Tattoos for girls and boys are very common nowadays, it states in the rules that anyone sporting an offensive or objectionable tattoo should cover it up. There are dress codes for special occasions.
Similarly it is a familiar sight that parents would make reservations for a ride but then their child does not meet the height requirement for that ride. You would not want to be turned back after you’ve stood in the long queue and not to mention seeing the disappointment on your kids’ faces. Don’t forget to check the weather forecasts too when packing. Therefore, it is very important to check out the rules which are stated on the Walt Disney Park’s websites and also keep these other considerations in mind when planning your trip.

8. Keep Time for Commute in Consideration
Although the bus rides from resorts to the park don’t take more than 15-20 minutes, but the complimentary bus service can sometimes be delayed. Sometimes due to large crowds their schedule is interrupted. If you have more than one activity planned in a day such as visiting the Disney Springs and then reaching to catch a show give yourself enough time between the two things. If you are not staying at one of the resorts and have taken your own car, the same rule applies. Sometimes getting to the actual park from the parking lot can be quite time consuming as well.

9. Having Considerations for the Cast Members
Let’s face it mishaps can happen in such large crowds. Sometimes your kids get irritated if they have to stand too long in the queue. Sometimes the shows can be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances or by the time you reach the end of the queue to get your picture taken with your favorite cast they shut the booth and leave. These things can happen and these cast members are human too, they have been trained well to be as courteous as possible and to accommodate the guests but they are bound by rules and regulations of the park and sometimes they are helpless. So, if there is some problem don’t take it out on the cast members; instead talk to the person responsible.

10. Keeping Your Expectations Real
Yes, when we go to any of the Walt Disney resorts we all enter there with high expectations. We all want to experience the Disney magic, but let’s face it not everyone can be chosen as the Grand Marshall or get complimentary room upgrades. Just like any other vacation, there can be little ups and downs in this trip as well. Also if you are travelling with kids it is important that you keep water, sunscreen some snacks or other little things with you at all times. No point in getting irate and thinking what’s so magical about this?

These tips will make your vacations go much smooth. But remember these are to make your life easier don’t spend too much time planning and then fretting over it. Do try to stick to your plans but if things don’t go according to plan for any reason just go with the flow and enjoy the unmatchable experience that only Disney can offer.

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