FACTS: New Facts for July 2014

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150,000 guest use the monorail system per day

12 Mark VI monorails trains are in service today each train is identified by a color, the following colored trains are still in service, Peach, Teal, Red, Coral, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Lime, Green, Blue, Silver, and Black. Purple has been retired

14.7 miles is the total beam length of the Monorail system at WDW, which covers 2 theme parks and three resorts and 1 parking lot

1st verse of the song “When the saints come marchin’ in” are strung across the registration desk

1 million yards of fabric are needed to make costumes at WDW

40,000 square feet of wardrobe warehousing are needed to store all the costumes

18 wardrobe issuing locations are operated by over 500 wardrobe “librarians”

160 Disney characters have costumes so they can meet and greet guests

90 seamstress, tailors, and milliners help to produce the costumes at WDW

350,000 costume pieces are altered or repaired annually

200,000 new costumes are manufactured by WDW costumers annually

13 million cast member garments are cleaned annually

8 million pounds of food and beverage linen is cleaned annually

132,000 square foot plant in the North Service area is recognized as one of the largest completely automated, state-of-the-art laundry plants in the world