INFO: 40 Seconds of Fun: ‘it’s a small world’ Holiday Time-Lapse Video

Three weeks before Holidays at the Disneyland Resort officially kicked off, we continuously documented the talented elves of Disneyland Resort Entertainment as they decked the walls of “it’s a small world” Holiday.

Here’s some fun facts about what it took to give “it’s a small world” Holiday its festive look:
  • Eleven Technical Services cast members worked five nights a week for eight weeks to do decorate the attraction’s façade, topiaries, trees and more.
  • The attraction’s façade has 50,000 C7 size lights in seven different colors: red, blue, green, amber, fuchsia, purple, and white. This adds up to almost five miles of light strings on the façade.
  • There are an additional 10,000 C7 lights on the “it’s a small world” Toy Shoppe and the three towers along the “it’s a small world” Mall.
  • The same crane that installs the Disneyland park Christmas tree is used to install the Santa hat on the clock.