INFO: Hollywood Studios “Writers Stop” By Bill Iadonisi

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Hollywood Studios “Writers Stop” By Bill Iadonisi

I am a firm believer in that the simple pleasures in life are the ones most remembered and cherished. Just sitting out on a warm summer night looking at the stars, or reading a good book on a rainy day. One of the simpler pleasures in life that I really enjoy is relaxing with a nice hot cup of coffee either alone or with friends, planning the day ahead or discussing the one passed. Coffee is one of my weaknesses, and my wife is always telling me I drink too much of the stuff! She is probably right, but no matter how hot or cold it is outside, I really look forward to that cup of liquid gold.

For those reading my columns, they know that I spend half the week in Disney, and if I did not have to work around the house, I would probably spend my life in the parks! And when I do go to the parks, all that magic and walking around does tire a body out and my way to recharge is a nice cup of coffee and a nice place to sit and enjoy it. No matter where you go in Disney, from counter service to table service, the food is top-notch and you will always find a great cup of coffee. But as great as the coffee is (Or tea, my wife’s favorite) you are in the world’s premier theme parks and finding a quiet and less crowded place to sit back and relax could be quite a challenge.

Well, if you are in Disney’s Hollywood Studios park, look no further than the “Writer’s Stop”. This little gem of a coffee house is neatly tucked away at the corner of Commissary lane and the Streets of America. It is attached to the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater. In fact, if you walk by too quickly you might mistake it as one of the false storefronts on the Streets of America. As stated before, a great cup of java can be had almost anywhere in Disney. And much like a great restaurant, atmosphere is half the experience. Here at the Writer’s Stop, you can really kick back and relax with that cup O’ Joe without the large crowds and noise usually found at most of the counter-service restaurants.


When you walk into the Writer’s Stop, the first impression is that you stepped back into time into an old general store. It is small and intimate, there are just a few chairs and a table in the rear, a couch in front of an old 50’s style T.V. with a couple of plush chairs, and there is this great window table with room for four, perfect if you like to people-watch while you relax. But despite what appears to be limited seating, most of the guests eat and run, or get their wares to go. Many times we have stopped in and it was crowded, but a place to sit comes up fast. On the ceiling there are tons of sound stage lights and such, but the wood floor is what draws your attention. It has beautiful panels of alternating oak, teak, redwood and maple, all adding to the soothing atmosphere. Another addition which adds to the relaxing ambience is that the Writer’s Stop is also a Disney book and small gift shop. There are loads of Disney related material on the walls, perfect for reading while enjoying your favorite beverage. I always grab a book on Walt’s life or history of the parks when I go. And the gift shop while not large, has a nice selection of coffee-related items and such. All this combines to make the Writer’s Stop a perfect place to get off the beaten track and kick back!

So what is offered at the Writer’s Stop? Just the freshest bakery goods on property and the best prices to go with it! An example, a coffee, a tea and a huge muffin for under $4.00! Cold drinks include Coolers, Iced Cappuccino’s, milk and a soda cooler. And of course the hot offerings are Coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, espressos, teas and steamers. And as stated before, their pastries and cakes taste like they were baked within the hour!


Before it became the Writer’s Stop in the mid 90’s, the building housed a Disney’s Villains merchandise store. And in addition to being one of the best places for that pause that refreshes, as with all Disney eateries, it is spotless and the cast members at the helm are friendly and efficient (Usually 5 persons a shift). One thing to remember. Since it is right next door to the Sci-Fi Diner, guests can walk between the buildings, during lunch and dinner times, the Writer’ Stop will tend to get busy. Many guests waiting for their tables will stop in for a coffee and hang out for a while. So if atmosphere and great coffee are your idea of one of the simpler pleasures in life, step in from the crowds, kick back and enjoy!